Lean Assessment

LMR has developed an audit process that helps you assess the full implementation of your Lean Production System.

To benchmark your performance, take the LMR challenge of exceeding 75% across site, and we will publicise your success on our website.

Our assessment methodology has been tailored to suit most industries to provide a relevant indication of your progress. We are able to leave you with a gap analysis between your current and future state, and a roadmap of activities to reach your goal. The Lean Assessment is a free download and covers all aspects of the Lean Production System: Stability, JIT, Jidoka, and Kaizen.

If you would like LMR to act as an independent auditor for you, contact LMR.

Free Downloads
Assembly Lean Assessment V1 (xls document)

Manufacturing Lean Assessment V2 (xls document)


Lean Coaching

We have spent the last six years building LMR’s brand as a unique service provider in Lean Manufacturing. We pride ourselves on delivering results that are sustainable. Our success is down to the individuals in our growing team of 40 people and the care we take with the implementation on our clients’ sites. A measure of our success is that most of our clients have been with us from the beginningand continue to use our services to enhance their operations.

LMR has a four phase approach to Lean which is customised to meet the individual needs of the client.

We focus on sustainability and ownership which ensures that your Lean implementation becomes part of the company culture.

Lean Awareness - Assess Current State Change without communication or awareness training is destined to fail. At the start of any project LMR will develop a communication and general awareness training for staff affected by the programme.

Understanding the Current State using Value Stream Mapping, and Lean Assessment tools provides a baseline to measure future improvements. From the current condition, LMR and your core team can project what the Future State will look like in both performance and cultural terms.

Blue Sky & Master Schedule With an understanding of the current state LMR can help to build a vision of how your company will look in Lean terms. Using a structured workshop approach with key stakeholders, a clear way forward for the organisation is established. This vision - or Blue Sky - will complement your business strategy and help achieve your key goals and objectives.

The Master Scheduling process converts the Blue Sky vision into a reality. LMR will coach your team in transforming the Blue Sky into workable plans in each department, capable of being reviewed in Information Centres in less than fifteen minutes. Our visual approach to project implementation enables all staff members to contribute towards achieving the goal.

LMR prides itself in having the practical expertise to make your implementation happen where it matters: on the shop floor. Our coaches are skilled in all aspects of Lean and will interact with people at all levels to assure the changes become a part of your organisation’s DNA.

Our objective is to transfer knowledge as quickly as possible and provide you with the ability to continue the Lean journey under the guidance of your own people. LMR’s layered auditing systems and assessment process ensures the new standards and processes developed during the
implementation are sustained.

If you would like to hear what our clients have to say about LMR, please contact LMR on +44(0)1926 515620.


Lean Layout

Better flow, zero defects.    

Benefits of a Lean Layout:

The size of your operation is irrelevant, it is the velocity of your material throughput which is a true measure of your ability.

Lean layout, based around the principle of One Piece Flow, will enhance your production performance, not only improving velocity of parts through the system but also reducing the amount of defects produced and eliminating waste by default.

Expansion and growth is a measure of success but why not combine that with a mind set of floor-space reduction. In Lean terms, continue to grow sales but minimise capital expenditure and operational costs by applying Lean Layout principles. In most cases we can save you 40% in floor space. Enough for your next expansion project. In Lean terms, continue to grow sales but minimise capital expenditure and operational costs by applying Lean

Layout principles.

  • Supports in process inventory reductions improving Throughput Time
  • Encourages the use of pull systems reducing lineside inventory
  • Reduced walking and transportation
  • Reduces fixed costs
  • Enables expansion without the capital expenditure of new buildings

Expansion in revenue should not necessarily require more real estate.

Thinking big is for sales, thinking small is for production.


Lean Office

- Transactional Lean

Lean office needs a different approach to implementation compared to one you would see in a manufacturing or processing company. Experience shows that 5s on an assembly line does not translate directly to a person's workstation in the office. Lean office is not about footprinting the mouse but about discovering ways to delight the customer.

Our experience with call centres, insurance departments, and the financial sector enable us to design a Lean solution that fits your culture and drives performance.

Your customer's needs are our first concern. Once we understand your operational environment, we can transform your process to enhance delivery performance.

There is an immediate emphasis on flow required to provide context for Lean in a transactional environment. With flow, LMR can improve the throughput of your organisation's service, which in turn provides you with more time to look after the customer.

Before you think of outsourcing, call us to see how LMR can help improve your productivity and customer service.


New Product Launch

Bring your product to market faster than your competition

Millions are spent in development costs: market research, design and trialling, advertising, tooling and logistics to name some. In pharmaceutical terms, a day in development equates to £1m in cost. It stands to reason, therefore, to scrutinise the development process and challenge it with a Lean approach. Launching new products brings a variety of problems that usually come to a head when facing customer expectations on delivery.

As the ramp up in volume occurs, so the process comes under pressure to perform; equipment must cycle at the required speed and conform to quality specifications, human intervention must occur at the appropriate takt and in the correct sequence, and lastly, delivery windows must be met.

LMR have worked through these challenges in the automotive, pharmaceutical, and aerospace sectors. We have the knowhow to make your New Product Launch the best in class. To help launch your products On Time In Full to meet market demand and exceed customer expectations contact us.

"In pharmaceutical terms, a day in development equates to £1m in cost."

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